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SwiftUI vs. Jetpack Compose

Just wanna a good blog of comparison

SwiftUI One

New UI technology or Storyboard killer


That is an old tool starting for my app on Mac via python code, it is amazing bridge between Python and Objective-C.

Best python3.x framework in 2020

tag: tech

Many framework that have developed so far since Python was built at the beginning. But when I start a project, I always do this again and again.Why?

Flutter attacks my mobile skill

tag: me flutter

Flutter, flutter, I will wanna try hybrid tech. BUT, sure it is not hybrid it is a bridge of mobile skill.

Learn Everything v1.0

tag: me

Never think what should I learn for my life

Niyum Tech v1.1

tag: web tech

Niyum Tech v1.1, that is completely translating version in Khmer and English

Standard Website

tag: web tech

what do we need knowing, how ask visitor to enjoy the web?

My way starts from this month

tag: me

It was such a waste my time to do something else never focus for what I have knows.